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Lawn Service Cost

DIY Lawn treatments or Hire a Lawn Service?

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The majority of “lawn chemical companies” do 3 things.

  1. Spray a 30-0-5 fertilizer a few times a year based on their route. (Not lawn’s needs.)
  2. Spray pre-emergent in the spring, and maybe in the fall.
  3. Add weed killers and apply to your lawn whether it needs it or not. (Most have ONE tank that treats all the lawns.) Often causing summer burns.

Basically… you’re a number on a route and if you have issues such as grubs, army worms, or fungus, they generally don’t treat for them. Our advice if you want a golf course quality lawn… Drop the lawn company… Period.

They also don’t take WEATHER into consideration when applying products. NOT SMART.

For about the same price of a “service” you can get TWICE the treatments and specifically design a program for your lawn’s needs.