Bermuda Lawn Care

Seasonal Stages Bermuda Grass

The Seasonal Stages of Bermuda Grass


Winter Your lawn is sleeping and it is dormant. Grass is brown. Remember, while it is dormant, it is still alive. DON’T put down TOTAL KILL products like RoundUp.

Early Spring- Your lawn is starting to wake up, slow growth. Green shoots start to show up and eventually a green haze shows.

Late spring temps rise into the 80s and the growth starts to accelerate. We start to see “runners” and the Bermuda will spread and thicken.

Early summer temps touch into the 90s and your grass is starting to SURGE in growth. Bermuda loves the 85-90 degree temps.

Mid summer As long as it has water, Bermuda will grow and grow.

Fall Bermuda growth starts to slow but remains green until frost temps hit.